MagicTouch PTA - Concept Medicals Inc. - Sirolimus Coated PTA balloon
Concept Medical Inc. - Best Heart Care Institute in Surat
Concept Medical Inc. - Best Heart Care Institute in Surat
Concept Medical Inc. - Best Heart Care Institute in Surat

Revolution in
Peripheral Treatment

MagicTouch AVF .035” OTW

Optimizing the performance by improving the deliverability

Extends one’s reach

  • The ability to reach distal lesions and resistance in kinking is experienced due to the combined designs of flexibility and strength.
  • Perfect tip adherence on the guide wire (no fish mouth effect)

Excellent lesion entry and crossing

  • The difficult lesions are easily crossed due its designed streamlined tip and low profile balloon.

Unique Tripod Shaft Construction

  • Reinforced shaft construction enabling more axial strength and higher push-ability of the system
  • Comparable inflation and deflation time
MagicTouch PTA .018” OTW

The Nanolute technology is a nano-carrier based drug eluting technology which encapsulates drug using bio-compatible excipients.


  • Uniform coating surface
  • Reduced in-transit loss of drug
  • Increased bio-availability of drug
  • Better bio-compatibility of drug
  • Encapsulation enhances drug retention
MagicTouch PTA .014” OTW & Rx

The shaft construction contains OTW & Rx.

Complies all in one: Flexibility, Trackability, Conformability

  • Balloon material: Polyn P                                             
  • Balloon folding: 3 and 6 folds*                                     
  • Balloon length: from 10mm to 20mm*                       
  • Balloon diameter: from 1.5 to 12 mm*
  • Catheter length: 80,120,130 and 150 cm*
  • Guide wire compatibility: 0.14”, .018”, .35”
  • Delivery Systems: .014” Rx & OTW; .018” OTW; .035” OTW
  • Drug: Sirolimus
  • Coating: Nanolute
  • Shelf life: 2 years
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